Monday, June 26, 2006

My debugger for C++/Linux finally went live this past weekend, at Next, I will be testing it with the SUSE and Ubuntu distros.

The FreeBSD port requires quite a bit of work, because of the way multithreading is implemented in their kernel. I have stubbed out the support for FreeBSD in my debugger engine back in November, but the main focus has been Linux, and there is only one of me...

Also, following the development GNU C++ compiler and testing with the recent releases takes time, even with a suite of automated testing. Hopefully, now that I have an alpha release out, I will be getting feedback that will drive my testing / bug-fixing process; of course, "zero-bugs" is a dream :)

Last edit: Mon, Feb 19 2007
Wow! Time really flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a peach).

Since the ZeroBugs debugger was first published on the internet, I have added crucial features such as Python scripting, tabbed code views, customizable hot keys, and have fixed ... er... more than zero bugs; went thru several Linux distros, and met some interesting people in the process.
Time goes by so fast when one is busy!