Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Voyage to the Center of the Borg

A great while has passed since my last blog post. To my defense: I had been very busy playing Locutus of Borg. Microsoft bought out my employer back in 2007, and consequently I spent the past three years working in their Online Services Division, and Windows Server (yes, I did contribute a few lines of code to the upcoming version of Windows).

For months, if not years of my being a Redmondite I envisioned how I was going to blog about the strange and at times surreal experience of working for Microsoft. After all, I am the kind of geek who did not use Windows on his home machines. I only installed it after the acquisition, so that I could work from home every once in a while. I had imagined how the day would look like, when free of the Borg, I was going to report on how life on the inside felt like. I yearned to write about Microsoft politics, coding style and culture, the famous never-ending meetings and (some really amazing) people that I met there. I thought that I should document how their caste system (oops, I mean, career path model) twists people.

But now that I am on the outside, I cannot think of anything interesting to write about my days at Microsoft. Life goes on.

I'd rather blog on what a great product Tableau Software (my new employer) has. Or I could write about what an exciting weekend this one was, living on the web with my new Chrome OS laptop from Google (thanks again Sorin for the great surprise that got delivered Friday night!) Or I could write about enjoying the great read that the D Programming Language is.