Sunday, October 29, 2006

Prototyping with Python

This is the new look and feel of the Zero Debugger User Interface that I was talking about in my previous post. I like the idea of having more "real estate" for the source code window.

The prototype is written using Glade and Python, which allow for rapid development, taking advantage of the PythonGate plugin that exposes the Zero API to Python.

Drop me a message if you would like to try out the Python code for yourself, I'll email it to you!
I finally got around to installing the i386 version Fedora 6, and building Zero on it. In the process, I figured out that a while ago I made an incorrect assumption about the CLONE and FORK events as reported by ptrace... Consequently Zero happened to hang (depending on the kernel version) while debugging multi-threaded programs, or code that called fork(). The problem is now fixed I will be rolling it out over the next couple of days.

I have fixed one bug reported by Marco Bacchetta (a "virtual dso read" error message popped up right at the beginning of the debugging session).

Also fixed a bug in processing command line arguments, and another one dealing with anonymous structs, both reported by Massimiliano Pagani. L'Italia è campione del Mondo!

And squashed a problem with detecting signal handler trampolines, when handler was being installed by sigaction().