Thursday, December 21, 2006

UI Python Source for ZeroBugs Opened

As the song goes, when I was younger, so much younger than today...
[...] I found my code in tons of trouble,
Friends and colleagues came to me,
Speaking words of wisdom:
"Write in C."

But that was in the 90s. Today, as somewhat hinted by one of the Mac commercials, C++ GUI Programming is boring, unproductive and uncool. Using a scripting language like Python for UI development gets the job done faster.

But C++/Python hybrid programming is fucking awesome. And hybrid is the mantra of the decade.

This is the project that I was talking about in an older post, "Protoyping with Python".
Download the code archive here.

Why did I chose Python as the scripting language for ZeroBugs? My first thought was to use a well-known, popular language, and what won me over was the boost python library, which makes integration with C++ a breeze. The documentation at is very clear and easy to follow. By contrast, SWIG is a pig.