Saturday, May 13, 2006

Three weekends ago my friend Andrei Alexandrescu got married. The reason I am only writing about it now is that it took me so much to recover. That's how wild the party was.
The whimpy advocates of extreme programming have no idea what an extreme party the good ole C++ school can throw.

I can hardly wait to attend his speach on the 17th, at the Northwest C++ Users Group (see I just want to see how married life changed him (for the better).

At his reception we met Eric Niebler, a badass contributor to BOOST ( which whom we shared a table. I am not sure I want to sit next to him ever again. He is so intimidatingly smart that in order to not lose face I had to mention that my wife went to Princeton.

Anyway, we decided after a few beers that C# is to C++ what hip-hop is to jazz, and those punks that rap to .NET beats airwaved out of Redmond have no class whatsoever. We will invent a secret handshake to recognize eachother, and plan for keeping legacy C++ code in place, to preserve job security and world domination. Well, I resisted learning Java so far, and I'll see how well I do without cluttering my mind with C#. I think anyone who has not programmed in any other language but C# is a f***** moron ('member how back in the hayday we had an inflation of "HTML programmers"?)

I have been developping a debugger for C++ on Linux for the last three years or so, and it is close to being released now (see I am doing a lot of testing (and some tune-ups for the x86_64) it should be ready for download as soon as I get the license terms ok-ed by the lawyers...

So stay tuned and watch for the secret handshake.
And wait, I need to ask my wife to help me spell-check this post...

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