Sunday, May 10, 2009

D .NET on Codeplex

I will be taking a few days off next week and I decided to upload the code for the D compiler .net back-end on Codeplex before I close shop. I hope that it will provide context for the last few months worth of blog posts.

Most core language features are usable, but there's no Phobos port and if you need to import functionality from external DLLs, you'll have to hand-write some import files (following the model in druntime/import/System.di); I hope to get around to writing a tool that automates the process one of these days -- and it will most likely be in D.

There is a Visual Studio 8 (works with Visual Studio 8 Express) solution file in the source tree, and there is also a Makefile for the adventurous. The project compiles on Linux but it does not work quite well with Mono -- I strongly suspect it is Mono's segfault.

Check it out at!


Tim M said...

U da Man!

Why is it not reading my sc.ini for default imports though?

The Free Meme said...

Tim, that sounds like a bug, would you mind logging the specifics into CodePlex (under Issue Tracker for this project)?