Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Steve Yegge Factor

Who is Steve Yegge? Oh, just some guy I did not meet while I was working for Amazon, either because my short (two and a half years, from April 2001 to November 03) tenure has not overlapped with his, or maybe just because I do not seek the benevolent companionship of self-appointed software rock stars. Who knows?

While I agree with some of his views on the Agile Process, I am not sure that I fancy his style, for several reasons:

I know from experience that blogging and participating in forums while enjoying a glass of wine inevitably leads to my offending someone needlessly (I have done it more times than I would like to admit, and trust me: I love my reds).

Arguing over development processes (and programming languages, and OS-es) gets people so worked up to the point it becomes a huge time sink, a distraction from what I like doing best, which is writing code. Sometimes I would rather not say what I truly think.

Agile is a necessary evil because it keeps management happy and deluded, thinking they have a grip over the development process (and thus less dangerous).

And finally, why tell people the truth on Agile? Society needs dumb people. If everybody smartens up overnight, then who's gonna pick the garbage? Not Pinocchio, I hear he wants to be a real boy now.

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