Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Do I Bake a Cake Shaped Like the Internet?

When I first saw this xkcd cartoon I did not get it at all. I fancy myself as an independent thinker more than a corporate pawn.

But today I gave a tech talk on debugger architecture at Google's Kirkland office. The experience was... how should I describe it? I arrived there, and had my ten-year old Camry valet parked. Then, my host took me to lunch (to the Google cafeteria). I avoided filling my plate because I imagined that in between him and I, someone was going to pay for it. Darn, Jeez Gosh! Nobody warned me that they do get free lunches over there! And pretty yummy too.

And people arrived on time, were very polite, the logistics worked flawlessly, and nobody made me feel like being surrounded by Super Humans. I even had the fine pleasure of seeing familiar faces from my old Amazon days!

XKCD dude, I see your point. Now: how do you bake that Internet-shaped cake?

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Sorin said...

the valet parking is pretty much a necessity since it allows Google to increase the car density in the facility. (read double-park the vehicles)