Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is it the Blogosphere, Stupid?

Oh Lord, it is so hard and stressful being a blogger; and poor bloggers may die of stress. This is what some recent "breaking news" wants you to believe.

First of all, stress is bad for one's health in any activity (I almost wrote "line of work"), what's the big news?

Secondly, blogging may beat doing real work but it is not work. Who the fudge are we kidding? It's like saying that keeping a journal is work. No, you just jot down ideas or things that you find interesting or worth capturing (perhaps when you wind down at the end of the day). You write about a project you are working on, a hobby, or something that bothers you; or something meaningful in your life.

How many people do you know that are enjoying some level of success (politicians, writers, software engineers, doctors, lawyers, you pick) who blog several times a day, every day? Ok, politicians may be a bad example since they have minions blogging for them.

Web 2.0 turned blogging into a full time "job"; self-proclaimed experts "cover" the markets, the political scene, celebrity gossip, and technology. When have these people had any time to build any expertise when every single day they blog till they drop? Do they ever stop and think about what they are writing or merely smell each other's farts?

Instead of building things (and, why not, selling for a profit), modern society "generates content", begging for somebody's mouse click; and then everybody and their grandma complains (in a blog) about the economy being in decline.

And I bet that whatever few mouse clicks this blog entry has trapped, they are coming from hungry blogger dudes, avidly searching the internet for ideas to expertly comment on. Dude, put your flip-flops on and go get a job. A real one.

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