Thursday, April 03, 2008

Random Log Entries

Ten years ago I used to carry a bulky day planner, and like in a Seinfeld episode almost bought a man-purse for it.

My handwriting sucks. I hear some schools are dropping cursive from their curricula.


Instant messaging (thumbs up for opposable thumbs!)

Digital scrapbooks. Cloud(ed) computing memories.

Virtual social networking.

What will future historians and archaeologists think of us if the decoder ring for the Internet is lost?

Songs about programming that I would like to hear:
  • In a software continuum (you are my Heisenbug)
  • Perpetuum beta mobile
  • The universal constant is volatile (in C flat)
  • Debuggers don't step in the same river twice
  • Flossing bugs at dawn
  • Recombobulate (your shattered assertions)

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